Welcome to The Distressed Rose! Let us introduce ourselves.

We are a Mother (Christine) and Daughter (Tiffany) team that started our boutique in June 2020. Crazy timing during a pandemic.

We gathered our courage to live life and go after our dreams after the unexpected loss of my husband, Tiffany's father at the end of 2019.

We unfortunately learned that life is not a given and I think we have all learned that during 2020. Even though you might think this is nuts and an uncertain time to do this, it has brought us joy! Stress too, but that is ok. We genuinely enjoy finding new things for the boutique and enjoy meeting you during our live sales and vendor events. We really do enjoy the busyness this has brought; it makes us focus on good things rather than grief. It has truly helped me personally keep going.

We might be small, but we are mighty! And with God's good grace we will flourish.

Sincerely, Christine Dolson

Remember anything distressed can bloom into a beautiful rose 

Update: As of November 2021 we have opened our very own store you can visit!
We are located at 204 S. Caddo St. Cleburne, Tx 76031